How We Do It

At Canavans, our team’s extensive automotive knowledge and expertise enables us to deliver accurate, detailed and high quality appraisals in a timely manner. Our appraisers and inspectors have a broad range of tools, resources and specially-developed technology  at their disposal:

  • Canavans Summary System (Online Appraisal System)
  • Canavans Salvage Disposal System
  • Canavans Locator System
  • Audatex Claims Solutions (Online Automated Data Processing System)
  • Mitchell International Claims Manager
  • Autosource (ADP Penpro) Actual Cash Value
  • Dealer Quotes
  • Red Book Values (and Blue Book Values)
  • Online auto value research (including new and used parts)
  • Photo Imaging

Contact us now:

Toll Free:  1 800 680 6286
Local:  902 423 6286

Photo Imaging

Photo Imaging is necessary for verification purposes so we use digital photographs for each appraisal. The photos help to properly capture and catalogue damage. We store up to 22 photos per claim directly in our Online Appraisal System.

Actual Cash Value

Actual Cash Value means “replacement cost less depreciation”. Canavans uses multiple vehicle valuation tools to settle total loss claims quickly, efficiently and fairly.

Canavans uses the latest software systems available from the most distinguished companies in the business, Mitchell and Audatex.  We use the Dashboard and the consolidator dispatch appraisal system in all our locations so Insurers can download and upload any assignments. For each file, Canavans sends automated notifications to the adjuster with information on the responsible appraiser as soon as it has been assigned by our dispatch team. To keep on top of every file, Canavans uses an automated electronic dispatch tracking system to control how many assignments each appraiser has at any given time.

When we bring all these resources to bear on your appraisal or inspection, it is guaranteed to result in top-notch customer service.